2018 Trends followed by the best architecture firms in India

the best architecture firms in India

As we fast approach the end of the year, India has been witness to some truly ingenious and inspirational architectural designs. Stemming from PM Modi’s desire to create a modern and developed India over the next couple of years, let us quickly take a look back at the modern architecture design trends that have been seen in buildings and offices across India. These designs trends come straight from the collective, creative genius of the best architecture firms in India!

So without further ado, I present to you – the 5 latest architectural design trends in India!

  1. Location has lost its charm!
    Home-buyers today are far less interested in location than they are in environment, experience and community! Modern architecture companies take into account the complete look and feel of a project’s surrounding locale before starting development. It is not just about location anymore! Aspects unrelated to design such as an active community or a cozy ‘home-like’ feeling, can persuade modern home-buyers to make an investment in your project!
  2. Modern homes for modern customers
    You may have heard the term ‘modernism’ or ‘futurism’ often tossed around by top architectural firms in India. Let me explain what this entails. Modernism in architectural design incorporates rational, ornament-less design using new materials. Such designs often employ innovative and non-traditional building shapes, cubic fixtures and abundant use of cement and reinforced concrete.
  3. Space to breathe
    The use of wide open spaces has been observed extensively in modern Indian architecture. However, this is often misinterpreted by architecture companies to mean a simple boundary-less design. But that is not the case! While wide open spaces do inherently mean a lack of borders, space itself is a key aspect of the design. Creative methods of building aesthetically inviting rooms, without adding excessive clutter to open space is what drives this new trend.
  4. From black & white to colour!
    While 2017 saw the emergence of monochromatic and subdued colours in form of earthy, natural tones – this is no longer the case! 2018 saw some of the best interior design companies create colourful combinations across their projects. Use of light colours and brightly painted cabinets mark the start of a journey back to colour!
  5. Store no more
    Unfortunately, the years have not been kind to retail store culture! As stores and customers start to move online, traditional physical stores are no longer the hub of commerce they used to be. Retail stores are being replaced by smaller, satellite stores in accompaniment to responsive mobile apps.

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