Why architecture companies are receiving large requests for coworking spaces in India

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Coworking spaces seem to be the new trend amongst Indian working professionals. As one of the leading architecture companies in India, Space Interface has seen a steady stream of requests for coworking spaces over the last two years. We decided to take a look at why these work spaces were receiving such acclaim, and the answer boils down to one simple word (or two, depending on how you decide to hyphenate it): startups!

Us Indians have always been an innovative people, and with the startling success of brands such as Flipkart, dreams of Indian startups became reality! Home to experienced architects and interior designers in Delhi, Space Interface provides the perfect working space for startups – a coworking one!

So what is it that draws startups to coworking spaces? We believe it is these 5 factors that make them a perfect match.

Money Talks

While startups have no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit, their budgets do fall on the lower end of the spectrum. Architecture firms in Delhi have started designing massive coworking spaces that can fit 2-3 startups at a time, for this very reason. A low cost alternative to traditional offices, or to calling employees over to your parents’ basement!

Still About the Money

Not only do coworking spaces follow a pay per use policy for facilities, but also offer smaller lease times. Both of these are extremely cost effective measure for a budding organization.

Environment Matters

As an architecture company working in tandem with the top interior designers in Delhi, Space Interface has created some of the most impressive displays of work environments. Customized work areas, wide open spaces and clearly defined boundaries between coworking neighbours help create an atmosphere for creativity and productivity to flourish. Not to mention, every day brings with it the possibility of seeing a new face, meeting new people and networking like never before!

Growing Together

Startups are an unpredictable venture, ripe with opportunities to expand and equally susceptible to the risk of failing. Coworking spaces provide a flexible working environment, one which can be scaled up or scaled down as and when needed! So no matter which direction the startup is headed in, seating can be adjusted appropriately.

So Much To Do!

The facilities offered in a coworking space are shockingly excessive! Lockers, food and beverages, gaming rooms, meeting rooms, libraries, the list just goes on. These impressive array of facilities is one major reason why architecture companies continue receiving coworking space requests, and not just from startups but organizations looking for new branch expansions as well!

Want to learn more about the interesting new developments in architecture companies and interior design firms in Delhi/NCR? Head over to the Space Interface site at: http://www.spaceinterface.com/

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