Past to Future: A brief history of the changes in architecture companies

architecture companies

When talking about architecture companies, it is difficult to say when design practices changed from past to present, and when they will be classified as futuristic techniques. This is because architectural design is in a constant state of flux, improving upon itself and sometimes even taking a step back! And technology specifically, plays a vital role in how the best architecture firms in India adapt to emerging trends.

So when I refer to the past, present or future of architecture companies, know that I am talking solely in relation to the technologies being used. Now, let’s jump straight into it!


Technology during this era of construction involved processing speeds of no more than 1MB RAM and computer systems that spanned entire rooms! And while architecture in India did reach stunning heights – take for example the Taj Mahal, architecture firms in India were majorly focused on basic designs.


  • Computer Designs
    In this time, architecture design companies in India could take upwards of weeks, if not months to finish phase 1 of the architecture process – design! These designs would be carefully plotted out on systems that had to be designed specifically for the purpose of architecture design!


  • Utilitarian
    Building designs of years bygone were primarily utilitarian in purpose. They were built for a specific purpose, with no additional thought given to the process. Richer parties would invest in more elaborate designs, but even these wouldn’t extend beyond an archway or a balcony!


  • Rework
    Mistakes were costly and even the best architects in India had no room for error, as design rework would often mean scrapping the entire project and starting from square one! A costly, time-consuming process.


In this more modern age of architecture design, we have a sophisticated variety of tools and software that can reduce work to days.

  • CAD / 3D Modeling
    Software in the form of Computer Aided Design (CAD) brought forth a revolution in the architecture industry. Companies rushed to employ this technology, to get ahead of competitors. 3D modeling brought further refinement of the process, and designers were now cooking with fire!


  • BIM / VDC
    Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) processes further catapulted architecture companies into rapid construction, leveraging real world information alongside 3D models that were constantly being worked on by numerous parties, simultaneously. BIM and VDC are still relatively new and continue to be explored.


  • Aesthetic Design
    Modern architecture has seen a rise in aesthetic designs. Buildings today are not just made for functionality, but also to show innovation and create pleasing views to residents and onlookers alike.

The future of architecture firms in India is slowly building to a crescendo of technical expertise and data based design.


  • Big Data
    The future seems to be bringing an Increasing reliance on big data algorithms and machine learning practices, which will without doubt show in architecture designs as well.


  • Smart Cities
    As WiFi becomes a larger part of our fundamental requirements, the future of architecture in India will bring forth smart cities – i.e. architecture built around city wide WiFi access! This vision has already been put in progress, with PM Modi’s smart city initiative that hopes to bring 20 cities into the fold by 2020!


  • Virtual Reality
    Virtual Reality (VR) technology continues to progress at a rapid pace across various industries such as gaming and interior design. Soon it will be an active part of architecture companies in India as well!

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