The latest tech used across best interior design companies: AR

best interior design companies

The first AR – or Augmented Reality – system was built as early as 1992 and used in U.S. Airforce bases! Today, AR has found a wider and more public platform across gaming systems, some of the best interior design companies and even in real estate design to name a few. For those still unfamiliar with AR, let me quickly break it down for you.

Augmented Reality is a form of an alternate reality, mixing real world environments with a virtual object created through machine generated code. Unlike virtual reality, which completely immerses a user in a new environment, AR simply adds new elements to an existing environment to create a mixed version of the real, and the possible.

This brings us to the crux of the matter, namely how a top interior design company would benefit from AR.

Accurate Measurements

AR allows novice customers and top interior designers alike, to accurately calculate dimensions of rooms and of available space. This is extremely useful in situations where you are unsure if a certain piece of furniture will fit in the given space. It can also be used to calculate the vertical placement of fixtures, precise curtain lengths and whether your brand new furnishing will even fit through the front door!

Try Before You Buy

The biggest and most obvious benefits of AR is the ability to place virtual elements. The best interior design companies and furniture retailers have already started uploading entire digital catalogs of their products, to peruse through and virtually try out before customers make a final selection. Pick from different products, colors, and associated accessories, to create an accurate representation of what your new decor could look like.

Pass It On!

Save and share AR interior designs with family, friends, and roommates to get their inputs. Collaborate to create the perfect interior setup, with easily modifiable virtual designs and an eclectic list of products to choose from! Get down to the gritty details of color, placement, and style!

On The Go!

Looking for a change to your living room? Take a pic and share it with top interior designers for a professional opinion on what design matches your personality. AR allows you to superimpose virtual elements onto static images as well. Such portability removes the need to be in your living room, you can design from anywhere, at any time!

Advertising Advantage

Seeing is believing and what better way to market a product than by presenting a detailed 3D model of the same? AR modeling has allowed the best interior design companies to sell like never before, by making strong first impressions and giving a 360 degree view of products!

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