How Films & TV make use of the best interior design firms to create atmosphere

best interior design firms

Rough scripts to post production editing, there are thousands of tasks involved in creating the movies you finally see on the big screen, and from the comforts of your bed. But while dazzling special effects and lifelike CGI may capture your attention – and rightly so – there is a lot more thought put into creating atmosphere in movies than you realize! Since time immemorial, the film industry has made use of the best interior design firms to create the perfect environment. And most times it is done so perfectly, you find yourself deeply immersed in the atmosphere without even noticing!

From the grandiose interiors of ‘The Great Gatsby’ to the typical college room shambles of ‘ ‘Animal House’, let’s look at some of the timeless interior designs styles that have captured audiences through countless decades and across nations.

Vintage Design

Period pieces have become commonplace in modern viewing, and they bring with them classic vintage interior designs. It takes the efforts of not only the best interior designers, but also history buffs to accurately recreate the aesthetic of a bygone era.

Examples: Ever noticed the classic shag carpet flooring and wooden paneled wall designs in TV shows such as ‘Mad Men’ or movies like ‘American Hustle’?

Cozy, Home Design

Sitcoms and family movies try to make the audience feel at home with use of cozy, rustic, home-like designs. And while this may seem like an extremely simple task for a top interior design company, it involves careful thought into identifying common elements across global audiences, to prevent alienating anyone!

Examples: I probably don’t even need to mention it. I’m sure as soon as you read sitcom you thought of ‘Friends’, and you’re correct! The long running sitcom made beautiful use of home like interior decor and contrasting colours.

Gothic Design

High arched entrances, looming dark corridors decorated with gold framed oil paintings and intricate low hanging fixtures denote a classic gothic style of interior decor, used across horror movies and cult classics. Gothic interior design involves a lot of effort by the best interior designers, to ensure there are no clashing elements.

Example: Revisit the set of ‘The Addams Family’ for a perfect example of gothic interior design done right!

Futuristic Design

Wide open spaces, massive windows sprawled across entire walls and sleek minimalist furnishings are indicative of futuristic designs. These are used mostly in films that portray a futuristic society or a rich protagonist with immaculate taste.

Example: The most popular modern example of the same is ‘Iron Man’. Take note of the enormous windows and gadgets dotting the living room.

It is no secret that the best interior design firms are actively influenced by films and TV, and vice versa. Looking to create such a professional interior decor for your own home? Look no further, head on over to Space Interface!

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