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Management of a construction related project requires in depth understanding and knowledge of both the processes of construction and design. All construction related projects have set goals and objectives, a fixed budget and strict delivery deadlines. Even though different projects may use different set of technologies, different organisational structures and different timelines, depending on the size, budget, and the industry the project is related to, but their management process will stay the same. Space Interface, one of the best architecture companies in Gurgaon provides you a brief introduction of the process of construction project management.

Construction Project Management can be defined as the application of specific and specialised project management tools and techniques to overview, oversee, control and manage the planning, designing, and overall construction of building project, right from its start to its end. Construction Project management aims to control the time, cost and quality of the project, so that the delivered building is as optimum as possible. Who you hire as your construction project manager depends on the size, the scope and the nature of your desired project. These days most architecture companies also provide expert project managers to you.
Construction Project Management oversees and controls very specific set of actions compared to general project management. Its functions include:

  • Setting and conceptualizing objectives and planning of the project, which includes setting of scope, setting budgets, deciding schedules, setting performance requirements, and finally, choosing participants and collaborators for the project.
  • Maximizing the utilization of resources by increasing efficiency. The resources include different construction materials, software, machinery, and labour and also utilizing them according to the schedule and plan.
  • Implementing all decided and required operation mechanisms and ensuring proper coordination and controlling functions such as planning, designing, estimating, contracting and construction throughout the process.
  • Developing free flowing communication channels and mechanisms that effectively resolve conflicts between the collaborators.

Space Interface is one of the top architecture companies in the NCR region and we provide comprehensive design and architecture services as per your requirements and budget. We partner with our clients on a long term basis, starting to project conceptualization, to construction management to delivery of the project, to ensure that the design meets our client’s vision. Visit to know about our architecture design company, the team and what makes us one of the best architecture companies in Gurgaon.

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