How the best interior design companies in Delhi are turning business into pleasure

interior design companies in Delhi

From barren offices painted in monotone colours to over the top decorations and extravagantly coloured workplaces, there are innumerable examples of terrible working environments that hinder employee productivity and raise employee attrition. But there is hope yet! The cultural shift of India towards startups and modern business ventures has resulted in the creation of coworking spaces and beautifully immersive office setups. With help of the best interior design companies in Delhi, the Indian capital is now seeing an increasingly sophisticated approach to creating workspaces.

Environment plays a huge role in any organization. It can lead to better productivity, a friendlier work atmosphere and loyal employees. Let us look at how the best interior design firms in Delhi create magical modern workspaces.

Take A Seat!

As most corporate work involves sitting for long periods of times, comfortable seating plays a crucial role in any company. Yet we have found that it takes a back-seat in most organizations. Uncomfortable sitting arrangements hamper productivity, create lethargic employees and most importantly they can lead to health concerns primarily related to posture. After talking to a bunch of coworking space giants, Space Interface put some of its best interior designers in Delhi to work solving this issue.

We found that by including spaces that encouraged employees to interact with each other and work while standing, we could help address the sitting situation. As one of the top interior design firms in Delhi, we weren’t happy with simply creating a space with no seats.

Our top interior designers took inspiration from the aforementioned coworking spaces and introduced informal work spaces to our client workspaces, fully equipped with comfortable lounging chairs, bean bags and recliners. Not only do such informal spaces help change the entire atmosphere at work, but also promote team building and interdepartmental communications!

Knights Of The Square Table?

Round table conference rooms are much better at increasing employee engagement and promoting collaboration as compared to traditional rectangular or square designs. What many office interior designers in Delhi fail to realize is that this is a matter of image! Rectangular tables raise certain employees on a pedestal (the ones at both ends) creating an image of authority. Round tables on the other hand offer open communication and a feeling of equality!

A Spectrum Of Colours

Colours are known to have a deep psychological effect on us. As one of the best interior design company in Delhi, we make use of various hues of blue and green to increase productivity. Similarly, red can be used to create intense focus on tasks. Take for example the offices of Google, filled with these exact colours!

Decor Decor On The Wall

The best office interior designers know how to utilize decor to perfection. While using too much decor can seem unprofessional and cluttered, not using enough will make the workspace seem empty and cold. It’s a fine line and only the best interior design companies in Delhi know how to keep from crossing it!

Space Interface is one of the a best interior design companies in Delhi. Our army of the best interior designers in Delhi have helped sculpt countless offices and homes into castles! As a final tip we’d suggest adding a bit of greenery to your workspace and letting employees decorate their own desks to show off their personality. For more, head over to our site, here:

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