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Intelligence is knowing that your workspace and office is a business tool. Your office design should reflect the core values of your business and should be a reflection of your work culture and overall brand. However, this is easier said than done. We at Space Interface, one of the best architecture companies in Gurgaon, understand that planning and design is a intricate task and requires a lot of research and understanding of not just your brand but more importantly, your employee needs.

Your employees are the most important part of your office and hence your design must meet their spatial requirements. It is important to understand the everyday working pattern and tiniest of movements made by each of your employees. Working is a blend of collaboration and privacy, and to hit the right balance, every employee must agree to the same spatial language. Space Interface, as one of the top architecture companies in Gurgaon Region, takes into account seven factors that affect your office design. The following picture lists them down and also mentions their two extreme ends.

An optimum layout will more actively enable people to reach a desired way of working within both collaborative and personal spaces. To reach an ideal range for each of the factors, you must answer certain questions to so that you can provide maximum input to any of the architecture design companies you hire. They’re listed below:

  • Who are your employees, and where do you see them in the long term?
  • Who else will use the workspace (visitors, clients etc.), and why?
  • How do you want clients or prospective employees to perceive you?
  • What current office layout would you want to change?
  • What are the most satisfying features of the existing office?

Organisations spend major capital in designing and layout of their office space since it affects various business outcomes such as employee satisfaction and engagement, brand impact and productivity. Office designing requires a strategic approach and also effective communication. Space Interface is one of the topmost architecture companies in Gurgaon with ample of experience in designing productive, efficient and vibrant work space. Visit and get in touch with us. We offer comprehensive design solutions for office of varied sizes and budget.

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