One of the best interior design firms in Delhi gives tips for designing office space

Best Interior Design Firms in Delhi


When designing an office space, there are a number of things to be kept in mind. How do you make space look attractive and professional and make it functional at the same time? How do you overcome challenges and spatial concerns without breaking the bank? What are the mistakes that you should avoid? How do you manage to create a perfectly functional design? Experts at Space Interface, one of the best interior design firms in Delhi, share some tips and tricks to be kept in mind:

What do you need the office for?

Your office needs to change with its purpose. Some offices require large open spaces, while other require room for technical equipment, so one needs to decide upon its purpose firstly. Also keep in mind the number of employees you would have and the amount of space each one needs, depending upon their work type.

Choose Neutral Colours

Painting the walls with neutral colours would make the space bigger. Since neutral colours also pair up well with basically any colour, it gives you the freedom to play with the furniture colours and other things.

The Design should be future proof

Always design with the future in mind. Avoid fixing the furniture into specific places and prefer movable furniture over it. This will give you the freedom to alter and move around things as per your needs. It’ll also ensure that you don’t have trouble moving to another space if you ever make a shift.

Attractive Flooring

You must go ahead and make a statement with your flooring. You can play around and experiment with it as much as you want as the neutral walls would still keep the place professional looking. All the best interior design firms encourage you to explore sustainable and eco-friendly flooring options.

Avoid moving electrical outlets, air ducts or plumbing outlets to avoid extra expenses

Shifting electrical outlets or aid ducts only makes the design cost go up. Avoid it and build your design around the already existing outlets. If at all you move the fixtures, make sure there is a good reason for it.

The design should hide the clutter

Add shelves and cabinets, big and small, to hide all the unnecessary clutter and keep the place organised. You can also add baskets for the same. Great design will ensure that all the clutter stays hidden.

You can build and design the office space of your dreams by following these simple tips blended in with the expertise of experienced designers. Let Space Interface, one of the best interior design firms in Delhi help you with your design needs. Visit and get in touch with us today!

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