Portfolio building tips by one of the best architecture firms in India

the best architecture firms in India

One of the perks of being listed amongst the best architecture firms in India, is a constant influx of bright eyed rookies, full of fresh, creative ideas and unbridled enthusiasm! And while we do enjoy training and growing alongside these architecture and interior design hopefuls, there are some minor flaws that can hold back even the most accomplished of interns – it’s their portfolios!

There is nothing sadder than watching a talented, ambitious designer unable to present him/herself. So, with help from some of the best interior designers in Delhi/NCR and a long list of architectural firms in Delhi/NCR, we have compiled a set of 7 helpful pointers to turn your portfoli-no into a port-fo-sho (that’s slang for a great portfolio)!

  1. Be relevant!
    Let’s say you were applying to a top interior design company for a job related to the hospitality industry. Such an organization receives thousands upon thousands of portfolios to go over every day! To make sure yours isn’t tossed aside, try to involve previous hospitality related designs at the very top of your portfolio, even if it’s not your latest work! Remember that relevance matters more than recentness!
  2. Show off those computer skills!
    You’re a designer, so act like one! Don’t design your portfolio on softwares like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Show off your computer prowess by designing your portfolio on softwares like Behance, Adobe Portfolio or Microsoft Publisher instead!
  3. All in the name!
    Regardless of how skilled you are, architecture companies still need to be wooed. A great way to do so, is by personalizing your CV for the company you are applying to. Include the company name in your filename to show you mean business – and choose a filename that is easy to understand. Eg: If you’re applying to a top interior design company like Space Interface, your filename would look like ‘<First Name>_<Last Name>_Space Interface’.
  4. The smaller, the better!
    Compress that portfolio until it fits into one single file. If your resume is split into numerous files, chances are it won’t even be opened in the first place!
  5. It’s a digital world out there!
    Take that portfolio online! In today’s digital world, it will benefit you greatly to have an equally strong online presence. Just remember to keep your fonts simple and your designs bold! Your online portfolio could be opened on a large variety of platforms, some of which may not be able to load custom fonts. So play it safe!
  6. Rough work carries marks
    Amongst the countless portfolios that architecture firms in Delhi receive everyday, something that can help you stand out is presenting your rough work! While most designers choose to include only the final product, by including rough sketches, initial renders and other rough designs, you can help give employers a glimpse into how your creative process works.
  7. What’s your point?
    Our final point is all about communication. We have seen even the best interior designers in Delhi fail when it comes to communicating their strengths. A good rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Be confident about yourself, and stick to what is written in your portfolio. You don’t need to justify your designs, unless you’re specifically asked to do so!

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