The qualifications and everything else you need to know to work for a top interior design company

top interior design company

Architects or interior decorators stem from the same branch of professionals who basically develop design plans. An architect primarily focuses on designing buildings whereas an interior decorator expertise on the interiors, such as the furniture, color themes and other such gears to beautify the space in a building or the outside area like the patio. This might seem to be a very lucrative profession but working for any top interior design company requires a broad range of study ranging from technical subjects to extensive research. An individual also entails a great deal of creativity and an insight to look after a huge range of technical projects that call for a liking towards being technically superior along with staying inspired and inventive at all times. So if you think you can become the top gun in this profession let’s see what all you need to do to become one.

At school level anyone who has studied Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry and is from this stream of science is eligible for this course. Most of the colleges conduct an entrance examination for applying students.

Any candidate seeking admission in the Architecture course must have passed 10 +2 or equivalent higher secondary/ pre-university examinations preferably from the science stream of any recognized University/Board with at least 50% aggregate marks. Candidates have to appear for the Joint Entrance Examination on an All India level to obtain entry to the undergraduate programs i.e. Architecture (B.Arch.) in all government and private institutes.

The Architecture degree course (B.Arch.) is of a minimum period of 5 academic years or 10 semesters and includes 6 months or 1 semester of practical training at a Professional Architect’s office. On completion of the graduate course, if interested, one can study Architecture at the postgraduate level (M.Arch). This will be for a minimum period of 2 academic years or 4 semesters. If graduates would like to go for further specialization in this field it can be on any one of the following: Industrial Design, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Town planning/ Urban Planning, Environmental Planning, Building Engineering and Management, Transport Planning, etc. All of these courses are open to B.Arch. degree/diploma holders.One can work for many a premiere interior design company in India that are promoting new ideas such as eco friendly structures.

Following are the key subjects taught in B.Arch.:

  1.    Architectural Drawing & Graphics
  2.    Surveying & Levelling
  3.    History of Architecture
  4.    Structural Mechanics
  5.    Principles of Human Settlements
  6.    Estimating & Costing
  7.    Workshop Practice for model making
  8.    Building Construction
  9.    Building Materials & Specifications
  10.  Building Services
  11.  Humanities
  12.  Theory of Structures
  13.  Town Planning
  14.  Landscape Design
  15.  Building Bye-laws

Skills: One must keep in mind that architecture is a field that includes sound technical knowledge equipped with a number of skill sets as well. An individual must possess: keen observation, should be excellent at drawing and communication. Should be able to envision creative ideas, inspiration and originality along with great attention to detail. Teamwork, time management and leadership qualities are also some of the prime skills required to excel in this field.

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