Tips and strategies to promote your interior design firm on Snapchat

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As a social media platform with one of the largest young audience bases, Snapchat has become an amazing tool for interior design firms to promote eye catching designs to those with the ability and willingness to buy! Coupled with their intense call to action functionality, Snapchat can do wonders for interior design firms that have found their tone of voice!

Snapchat offers a very peculiar platform for marketing. It is by no means a formal environment, making it difficult for even the top interior design firms to capture their target audience’s interest. To do so one must leverage a semi-casual tone of voice, in addition to promoting beautiful interior decor. Here are some strategies for interior design firms to capitalize on Snapchat.

Snapchat Strategies

Bring out your best interior designers, this is going to be a team effort.

  • Designs
    Carefully select your best interior designs. They should be beautiful to behold, instantly catching the attention of viewers. As most snaps won’t be longer than 5 seconds, they should ideally include the full design at first glance itself. Snapchat users love aesthetically pleasing images, so ensure your interior design lives up to the mark!


  • Insights
    Coming from a top interior designer, insights are bound to be new and exciting for most viewers. Share your thoughts, tips and techniques on planning mesmerizing decor, it is sure to be a hit! Some examples of what you could share:

    • Most attractive colour combinations and how to avoid interior design faux pas.

    • Designer furniture and accessories – where to get them and how best to place them.

    • Quirky setups that aren’t necessarily functional, but fun to look at.


  • Filters
    Snapchat allows users to create custom filters. As a leading interior design firm, we’ve had a lot of fun creating filters that doubly function as interior design templates for fans to apply in their own homes!


  • Introductions
    Include fun behind the scenes clips and a quick journey through how your top interior designers think, for added customer engagement.


Don’t simply start spamming Snapchat with posts like ‘why we are the best interior design firm around’. Try to engage users in quirky, casual conversation instead.

  • Use a professional photographer for interior design shoots.

  • Add hand drawn sketches and emojis to your posts for a more relaxed feel to your content.

  • Don’t forget to add a call to action that redirects users to your website!

    • 3-5 second snaps are the ideal length. The call to action should be clearly visible and pointed out either via text or voice.

    • Cross promote your interior design firm, encouraging users to follow you on other social media platforms as well.

    • Use offers and discount codes to help increase number of clicks on your call to action.

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