Tips for home decoration from an architecture company in Delhi NCR

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Home decor can give one immense joy and pleasure if done correctly and can be off putting if you go even a little overboard. Interior designing requires time and dedication and lots of patience, and these three blended in with good taste and creativity, can do wonders. Although there can never be a rulebook for interior decor, here are a few simple tips from expert interior designers at Space Interface, an architecture company in Delhi NCR that are super easy to follow:

  • Less is more

You must avoid overcrowding the room. Crowding the room with furniture not only clusters the space but also is very distracting. Always leave ample amount of breathing space for both yourself and the furniture to bring some grace to your house. Minimalism is in trend, and open spaces make the room look bigger and pleasing. There is no need to crowd every corner of the house with collectibles and extra furniture.

  • Choose a focal point of attraction

Choose your home decor in a way that there’s one big point of attraction and rest of the things act as accessories or secondary items, this creates a perfect visual balance.

  • Choosing the wall colour

You must choose the colour of your walls after you’re done deciding on your home decor as it should blend in well with the furniture. Painting the walls first might mismatch everything. Choosing the wall colour should also depend upon the amount of natural light entering the room since that also alters colours and the overall ambience.

  • Choosing a collection

You can pick up a collection of vases or porcelain and showcase it in the living room on a table. They can all be of different sizes and shapes but must look good together collectively. This is the best way to make your living room lively while not spending too much.

To design the house of your dreams and for more expert advice on home decor and interior design, you may visit and get in touch with our team. Remember, bad decor and design can lead to disastrous mistakes and experts can help you avoid it. We are one of the best architecture companies in Delhi NCR offering comprehensive interior design and architecture solutions for residential, commercial and hospitality spaces. Visit us to get a quote today!

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