How can a top interior design company affect your restaurant sales?

top interior design company

Ratings on Zomato, word of mouth reviews from friends and even personal restaurant experiences always involve at least this one basis of judgment – the ‘ambience’. And what is this ambience after all, if not beautiful interior decor? 2018 has shown an increasing reliance on top interior design companies for restaurants across the world, and we’re here to take a look at how useful this trend really is.

In our experience, hiring a renowned, top interior designer can transform your restaurant from a typical eating option into a thriving and immersive dining experience for guests. An experience, which if orchestrated properly, will be recounted to countless friends and remembered for life!

So before you discount the immense importance of interior decor to restaurant sales, have a quick look at the various aspects taken into consideration by the best interior designers.


Fluorescent lights vs incandescent bulbs? Dimly lit or brightly illuminated? These questions play greatly into the aesthetic and them of your restaurant. For example, while pubs may prefer to keep dimly lit environments and utilize black lights on the dance floor for a true party-like atmosphere, family restaurants would instead opt for nonintrusive, and bright lighting.


If there’s one thing the best interior design companies are highly adept at, it’s creating floor plans! Seating arrangements should be welcoming and allow patrons enough space to maneuver around them. But more so than simple arrangements, type of seating should follow common themes and emanate the correct message to guests. Do your food dishes allow customers the luxury of sprawling across bean bags and close to floor seating? Or do they require a traditional table and chair setup?


Colours can have a deep psychological effect on customers. Take for example the colors orange and red used exclusively in fast food chains. These colors specifically entice appetites and make visitors hungrier! Deep earthy tones, on the other hand, create a cozy environment and persuade customers to spend more time in your establishment. But bright clashing colors and excessively painted walls? These are a fashion faux pas!

Walls & Accessories

Accessories can be tricky to navigate. There’s a very fine line between chic and gaudy, and you don’t want to find yourself as part of the latter! Do your brick wall interiors need another beer poster? Are ten pictures of celebrity guests enough to create intrigue? Would a bare wall design better serve your purpose? All important questions, ones that can only be answered by a top interior designer!

Does your restaurant pass the interior test? Is your decor impeding your selling capabilities? Space Interface is one of the top interior design companies in India, and we’d love to give you a few pointers! Head on over to

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