What your interiors say about you: A guide by the top interior design company in India

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Globalization and access to lightning fast internet has moulded India into a modern picture of creative personalities and inspirational talents. And as more and more young Indians choose to forgo the comforts of living with parents to set up their own individual spaces, the surge in popularity of interior design companies in India reaches an all time high!

It is said that pets often take on the traits of their owners. Much like these loyal bundles of fur, interior decor can reveal a lot about your personality traits! Are you ready to find out what your home says about you?

Personality Type: Inviting

Are you couches adorned with dozens of throw pillows and cushions? Does your dining table have more seats than there are people in your home? These are all signs of an inviting personality. Such people love to host guests and make a true event out of any visit!

Personality Type: Productive. Meticulous Planners.

When you step into your home, are you greeted by completely unclad counters and neatly arranged accessories? Well maintained, highly organised fixtures and furnishings indicate a productive personality. Clear workspaces are often found in the homes of logical thinkers.

Personality Type: Luxurious. Sophisticated.

As a top interior design company, Space Interface frequently encounters requests for designs that incorporate art deco paintings. Requests like these are usually accompanied by posh designs, which incorporate numerous silky, smooth and soft fabrics – be it in curtains, bed sheets or couches! These are signs of a sophisticated lifestyle, and of a person that appreciates luxurious settings.

Personality Type: Pacifist.

Neutral colour tones and minimalist designs are found mostly in the lodgings of pacifists and calm personalities. On visiting such a residence, you would find the bare minimum of accessories and feel a sense of calm emanate from every inch of the design.

Personality Type: Optimistic. Open.

Wide open spaces can reveal an utter abandonment of privacy and usually denote a personality that is open and accepting of change. Additionally, residences that use bright colours (like orange and yellow) show an optimistic frame of mind. Both these designs usually go hand in hand and it takes the effort of the best interior designers in Delhi/NCR to decorate such a home.

Personality Type: Laid Back.

While on the subject of colour schemes, let us take a look at another interesting colour related personality. If you’re the type of person that likes painting your home in light colours (like blue), you are probably a pretty laid back and relaxed person. So kick your shoes off and settle in, we’re almost done!

Personality Type: Artistic. Edgy.

Dark coloured, brooding walls. Victorian and vintage accessories adorned across shelves. Non traditional furniture types. All of these point to an artistic, edgy personality. The type of person who can feel creativity fill them up at any second and rush to jot down their thoughts – often seen in the form of a messy desk! But you’re not alone, as a top interior design company, we like to believe we belong in this category too!

Personality Type: Rigid. Unwilling to change.

Ever entered a home to find the exact same type of furniture in every room? Completely matched and colour coded? Accessories that all seem to come from the same company? Such designs show a person that is comfortable with what they have, but unwilling to change any further.

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