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Check Out These Latest Home Design Trends By The Experts

This year’s interior design trends are extensive and diverse. There are some new colours, textures, and materials, but the most important thing is that there are new moods. Most moods are centered on a spa-like sense of serenity or a fun and patterned decorative boost of joy.

Interiors, like recent fashion trends, are becoming less about what’s trendy and more about personal expression. “Rather than specific trends declining, the lines between different styles are blurring,” says the specialist home interior designer in Chandigarh.

Interior design experts agree that there is a general shift towards sophistication, but it is a more relaxed version of sophistication than in the past. “While a sense of luxury remains important, don’t we all want something that is still approachable?” “In which you can walk around barefoot and not be concerned?” People still want their spaces to feel extravagant, but we will prefer to do a chic media room with materials and textures that are less formal, edgier, and more comfortable but also give a magnificent appearance to the space. So, let’s look at the most recent design trend that could add a spectacular touch to your home –

Since everyone enjoys being in nature, landscape pallets are an evergreen design approach

Consumers’ love affair with soothing greens, greys, and earth tones continues, but it’s not just a matter of taste. Neuroaesthetics, an innovative field of scientific study, has discovered a proven correlation between mental health and beauty in both natural and designed spaces, and it has infiltrated 2022 design trends: interior designers in Chandigarh are embracing the call to create rooms that feel connected to the outdoors through the colour of walls, furniture, and accessories.

Natural colour schemes and organic forms found in nature, according to research, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase productivity and creativity, and make us happier. Perhaps there is a desire to take this approach even further because humanity has never needed the healing powers of nature more than we do now.

Wall mount lights taking the centre stage of interior designing

It has recently been observed that the significance of light washing has increased. Using bulbs to cover your walls in light rather than just beaming down from above. It’s no coincidence that wall lights are becoming increasingly sculptural, scene stealers, sensational, and stellar. Laura Gonzalez’s Bosphore ceramic wall lights, shown above, were a true highlight (or should that be eye-level light?) at Paris Deco Off. Each ceramic cylinder is a modern take on the bobbin trend, incorporating them like jewels into these covetable shades and available in an earthy mix of hues.

The use of pastel colours

Pastel colours are a great way to add vibrancy to a room without going overboard with bright colours. Pastels do the silent talking in your home; they don’t say much but manage to capture your attention. Don’t worry, bright colours are making a comeback this year as well, but for the time being, you can definitely stick with the quirky pastels. Pastel colours, which range from blues and greens to warmer pinks and yellows, are a raging trend for this year and will be around for a while. They cater to a wide range of people, enhancing elegance while breaking age-old monotonies of whites and beige, bringing a ‘pop’ of colour into your homes. Breaking up the monotony, galvanising pastel shades catch the attention of visitors, and who doesn’t like having their home appreciated?

Keeping the key idea of sustainability as a part of your designs

Sustainability is now more of a necessity than a trend in the world of design, and the term is used loosely. It is the way forward for a long-term green strategy. To successfully implement this, you must select an energy-efficient design that will significantly reduce the need for heating, lighting, and appliances. Choosing non-toxic or low-biocide paints will reduce your environmental impact, as will opting for eco-friendly materials that are upcycled, recycled, and repurposed, such as bioglass, recycled wood, jute, and so on. While you’re doing your part to help the environment, make sure your materials come from certified sources. Get muted and light-coloured furnishings, floating furniture, and natural elements based on your mood and personality. An abundance of natural light improves mood, so maximise all fenestrations and, finally, include plants in your homes. They do provide a variety of physical and mental benefits.

Don’t forget to keep comfort above everything else

Perhaps we’re all just a little frail, or perhaps we’re not quite ready to give up the work-from-home, everyday athleisure experience, but many of us are still not ready for sharp edges in our interiors. Plush, tufted, and luxuriously upholstered furniture and accessories are popular and are becoming a huge part of interior designs in Chandigarh, demonstrating that you can be both stylish and comfortable at home. Soft textures are also making an appearance. Mohairs, velvets, and suedes, combined with textured linens and wools, rattan, and jute, instantly create a design-forward, comfortable environment.

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