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How A Compact Office Design May Boost Employee Productivity

The key to getting work done—and pushing your employees to do the same—can sometimes be found in our surroundings. Some aspects of your surroundings (light, temperature, and noise) have been shown to impact your work production. Warm temperatures, a certain degree of background noise, and natural lighting appear to boost productivity.

Space interface’s specialist workplace designers in Gurgaon believe that fostering creativity is a question of establishing the correct setting.

According to them, employers may design an office environment that promotes employee productivity in the following ways:

  • Convert your meeting rooms into comm

Meetings consume a significant portion of workers’ office time. According to the statistics, middle managers may spend around 35% of their time in meetings, while upper management can spend 50% of their time there. If this is the situation at your organization, our designers recommend getting rid of old, static boardrooms where team members look at the same four walls and sit in the same chair week after week. Instead, the expert suggests transforming them into welcoming communal spaces where creativity may flourish. Bring in unique seating arrangements for huge crowds. Curved sofas, for example, provide the impression of an intimate group and quickly make the space more comfortable.

  • Recreational Spaces :

According to Microsoft, the average worker in the United States spends about seven hours every day on the computer. Breakout rooms may be fantastic places to unwind and energy away from electronics. They can also be utilized for more casual gatherings like brainstorming or brief touch-base sessions. According to a space interface specialist, rooms like these should be outfitted with multifunctional seats and a central table.

  • Encourage Movement :

When people become engrossed in one spot, they are more prone to have thought or creative blocks. Finding strategies to get your staff to move about will result in more production. Workstations that are multipurpose, sturdy, and transportable may be wheeled about to be located in handy locations. A mobile workstation can boost productivity by making it simpler for employees to complete their jobs. Additionally, switch up sitting configurations to avoid department silos. “Sit next to a designer if you’re an engineer to help ignite fresh ideas and encourage new views.” What do you think of this for unconventional office space?

  • Install pin-up boards for broadcasting important messages :

Pin-up boards are a great method to broadcast information about what’s going on in the workplace, or they may serve as a central location to communicate company culture, major achievements, or office humor. Make your exhibit unique! Refresh the graphics, flyers, or photos for a fresh dose of inspiration.

When most people are feeling unproductive, they seldom consider altering their office. You can improve productivity and get the most out of your staff by experimenting with fresh designs and workplace layouts.

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